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broken-mirrorSo what exactly is “the broken mirror” anyway? My definition is that what you see in the mirror is really ‘broken’ and not what it appears to be. Much like the matrix, what we think we see in the mirror, isn’t real and it’s not the true reflection of us or what’s going on around us.

My view of reality started to change years ago when I read a book called “The Creature from Jekyll Island – a 2nd Look at the Federal Reserve”.

One of only many broken mirrors in our world, the Creature from Jekyll Island told of a story of big bankers who met in Georgia on Jekyll Island and began to create a central banking system in America. The same system that the Sons of Liberty fought so hard against the British to free ourselves from. It’s been proven throughout history that those who control the money supply, control everything and everyone.

This was no easy task and many attempts were turned back until one day they had bribed enough politicians, fooled enough people about what it really was and changed enough of the terminology that this new system was pushed through and so the Federal Reserve System was created. Not federal at all, this system is owned and controlled by the big banking cartel with names like Morgan, Rockefeller, Chase and many others. They would control not only America with this new “bank”, but the entire world by manipulating currencies, markets, wars, and anything else they could do to create more wealth at the expense and bloodshed of millions of people.

There’s nothing more profitable for a bank than wars. These sleazeballs would actually fund both sides and then perpetuate the war and keep it going as long as they could while fueling the fires on both sides causing unimaginable horror and bloodshed, but man, does it make money!

The Sinking of the British Passenger Ship The Lusitania

Throughout history the American public has been duped into backing senseless wars by greedy bankers and politicians. Take WWII for example… something had to be done to get the American public behind a war against Germany. So it was arranged to have the British passenger ship Lusitania sent into German U Boat occupied waters unescorted and ripe for the sinking. Sure enough, it was torpedoed by a German U boat causing the deaths of 1,198 passengers and crew, many of them American.

(c) Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Before the Lusitania sailed, the German Embassy actually placedĀ ads in the newspapers warning travelers to lusitania-warningnot board any ships sailing into these waters. Do you think someone knew ahead of time what was going to happen? You’re damn right they did!

That’s all that was needed to get the American public outraged and wanting revenge. Off to war they sent our brave men and women to die and fuel profits on both sides why the wealthy banking cartel and politicians filled their pockets with blood money.

This is only one small example of how our reality is shaped to make us believe one thing, while the true reflection is quite the other. Watch for more posts as I reveal more wicked and shady deals that these predators have unleashed on an unknowing population.

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